Kaleidoscopio was born in 1987, established by artist Mario Giordano and then managed by his wife Angela and his sons Massimiliano and Cristiano.

The craftsmanlike production, with strong artistic features, is focused on decorated glass, a material on which all of the following activity is centred.

Lamps, centrepieces and other interior design objects are realized by assembling together hand painted polychromatic glasses and wood, resins and Plexiglas.

In the perspective of a developing process and research, Kaleidoscopio introduced new techniques and technologies such as the thermal fusion.

The use of closed chamber ovens allows to decorate the glass and to form it on special moulds.

Today the most important investment is the purchase of a computerized machine able to cut every kind of material, glass included, by using the water-jet technology.

The target is to realize highly-qualified products in the field of the artistic glass production, but also to design and to realize products made of other materials and not only intended for the “home system”.

As for the aesthetic profile, collections are carefully developed in accordance with the market requirements and tastes.

That’s why Kaleidoscopio has been able to widen its presence on the domestic as well as international markets, often as a testimonial of the traditional artistic Neapolitan excellence.