Kaleidoscopio makes use of architects and designers which, apart from looking after the production of the items the company commercializes, offer their qualified consulting.

Kaleidoscopio offers to their customers a continuous assistance, from the design to the achievement: during the design stage, architects and designers decode the customers' taste and offer differnt solutions by using the digital showing. By seeing personalized renderings, our customers can “see” a preview of the item that will be realized for them, perfectly put in its context.

The production of artistic glass panels, which also includes the provision of the frames in different materials, the study of the best company presents, the personalization of the lamps, the solutions for  high quality coatings or special decorative panels, are some services that Kaleidoscopio offers to the customers, availing of its specialized design staff.

Always careful to the design evolution and to the importance of the research, Kaleidoscopio is open to design experiences in collaboration with professional people, universities and postgraduate schools.