The creation of the Kaleidoscopio products is carried out through the fused glass technique.

Ancient method of glass thermal moulding, discovered many centuries ago by bringing into contact siliceous material and a heath source, today the thermal fusion is accomplished in electric closed chamber ovens.

The high temperature (approximately 800°C) allows the variously composed glass to be shaped in special moulds made of refractory materials (baked clay or steel).

At this stage, the handiwork preparation, realized by joining hand painted components or glass sheets, achieves a homogeneous thickness.

Kaleidoscopio stands out for its chromatic research and painting technique, which give originality to every product, by making it a single and exclusive object of high artistic value.

The glass walls or the lamps are not merely objects to be cut and be composed according to a model, but they make up the very “canvas” on witch the artistic inspiration expresses itself.

The advanced know-how allows to create various and imaginative shapes that, together with the hand decorating skills, guarantee the realization of products as rich in colours as in quality and research.